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Are you having a problem with a dim screen on your iPhone? It is almost certain that the fault is relating to your iPhone backlight? At the front, a filter layer adds color, but it’s the backlight that glows from the back that illuminates your iPhone’s screen.

Suppose your iPhone backlight fails, so the screen will be too dark and only be visible under strong light. However, often this issue does not occur by the failure of the backlight itself, but by the related “backlight circuit” that controls it and powers it.

It damages the backlight circuit- rather than the backlight itself- our expert will be concentrating on here. Fortunately, it is absolutely possible to have these “dim screen” backlight issues repaired by our professional and experienced technicians.

We know your phone is very important for you to use in your daily life, and unfortunately, you got a problem with your iPhone backlight, so you will want to repair it today, then do not delay bringing it to us.

At Laptop Genius, our expert technicians provide iPhone repair services at an affordable price and fix the problem that other people cannot. We know how to avoid those mistakes that can lead your iPhone to the worst condition, so get in touch with our well-trained technicians for an initial and free consultation.

How to Fix your iPhone Backlight issue?

If the iPhone is not running perfectly so, there is much potential cause of backlight circuit failure. They are not all the same and simple to repair – some repairs can consist of a simple filter replacement, and others can require replacing the entire circuit or adding jumper wires to bypass damaged tracks. It is easier on some iPhone devices than on others.

Suppose your iPhone Backlight issue is related to software or Hord-wear. We can fix it. Our professional technicians will help you solve different software and Hard-wear issues without losing your personal data.

To sort out the issue, we will check the iPhone first. It is very important to find out the fault, and once we identify the fault, our technicians will take appropriate action. Our expert technicians ensure to carry out high-quality iPhone repair service at a reasonable price and as quickly as possible.

How to Fix your iPhone Backlight issue?

How to know you have a problem with your iPhone Backlight?

Every iPhone user uses the backlight feature to customize the display light and brightness of the iPhone to get suitable brightness every time. Without a backlight, iPhone is a person with no sight. Although an iPhone is apt for multi-purpose, there are also shortcomings, and one of the problems is relating to your iPhone backlight.

1. You have a flickering backlight.
2. The brightness is not as per the need.
3. Although it is turned on, it does not stay on.
4. Your iPhone backlight gives you a recurring issue.
5. Although you try to turn your iPhone off, it stays on.
6. You face problems while trying to turn on your backlight.

If you are here at Laptop genius, you have come to the right place to bring your iPhone if you face any problem with your iPhone backlight. We will ensure that your iPhone is in the right hands. At Laptop Genius, our technicians are highly qualified and well-trained, and they all have more than 40 years of experience in iPhone backlight issues repairing services.

Laptop Genius Expertise

AT Laptop Genius, our technicians are professional and expert. They cater to each reason for the iPhone backlight issues at a way better and cheaper price than squandering outside in the market. Our expert charges a reasonable amount to repair your iPhone backlight, and the repair can be done using any of the two methods we have.

One method is the walk-in service; you must click on “Book Now” and select the slot you prefer to visit us. The second one is the Postal service, where you are required to select “Buy Now” and then make the payment.

Whatever method you would like, you are in a win-win situation as our experts save time and money. If the problem is not serious, the fault can be repaired while you are waiting outside.

Laptop Genius Expertise

Laptop Genius guarantee after service

When you get your iPhone repair, we guarantee all our repair and replacement services. We offer this warranty whenever you get any of your iPhone repairs in our shop. Our experts believe in securing the rights of our clients.

Pick Up

Our expert technician will contact you after your iPhone is repaired. Do not worry if you are stuck in your home or office and cannot come to our store. We can bring your iPhone to your home/office or ship it to you.
When your iPhone is hand over to you, we wait for you to check the performance of your iPhone. At the same time, you ensure that your device is running better than ever before. We are well known for our excellent iPhone backlight repair service all across the UK.

Why Choose Laptop Genius for iPhone Backlight?

Here are a number of top reasons why customers choose us for their iPhone repair:
No, Fix No Fee – If we do not find the issue or offer you a solution, you have to pay nothing!
Quick Quotes – We offer one of the quick turnaround times for quotes
Fast Repairs – We have local Technicians and engineers Servicing your areas available now!
Quality Repairs – We offer high-quality iPhone software/Hardware Repairs with more than 40 Years of Experience.
Work Guarantee – We guarantee all our iPhone software/Hardware Repair services for 3 next Months.
Courier Service Available – We will pick up your iPhone, repair it, and deliver it to your home or office door!
Same-Day Local Service – We will send an engineer to your Home or Business today!
We do it all – Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Milwaukee PC Custom, Gateway, Toshiba, Toshiba, Sony, and more.
Fixed Appointment Times – It means no waiting around; we know the importance of your time!

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