Baseband problems

Baseband problems

These days Baseband Repair on iPhone is Getting common. If you face problems with Signal or won’t pick up your SIM card and phone, keep searching, then there is a baseband problem with your iPhone.

If you have dropped your iPhone on a hard surface, the Baseband IC can sometimes get damaged by manufacturing mistakes.

If you are experiencing any kind of iPhone baseband problems, like the phone does not pick up a sim card or any signal, it needs to be required. It would get damaged because sometimes a single part failure can cause Baseband failure.

At Laptop Genius, well-trained and expert technicians offer high-quality services for their customers all over London. They all have more than 40 years of experience with iPhone baseband problems repairing service. We will ensure to give you quick and cost-effective services for your iPhone repair.

What is the iPhone Baseband?

Baseband is generally known as BB; it can also be defined as a communication module. Baseband contains a system of communication. It is generally used to control iPhone’s telephone communications, communication procedures, Bluetooth communications, as well as Wi-Fi wireless communications.

All functions are managed by a baseband that requires an antenna, and its processor has its own RAM and firmware in NOR flash, separate from the ARM core resources. Baseband is a resource for OS. The main CPU manages the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, the baseband stores its MAC addresses in its NVRAM.

Each iPhone has a baseband, and that is the cellular modem firmware. Specifically, it includes the low-level software runs on the iPhone’s cellular modem hardware, the combination of which allows the iPhone to connect to a cellular network to receive and send data, transmissions, and phone calls.

What is the iPhone Baseband?

How do I know my iPhone baseband is Faulty?

if you want to know your iPhone baseband is faulty, so you will face many issues with your iPhone device.
iPhone Baseband problems symptoms:
SIM not detects.
Modem Firmware is blank
Dial *#06# there is no IMEI that appeared
No Service signal (Even no SIM card inserted)
Unable to be Activated after restored from iTunes.
If you have the following problems, we can help you to solve these as quickly as possible:
iTunes Error 4013
No Baseband Firmware.
“Unable to Activate” by iTunes or Wi-Fi.
Phone Shoes “No Service” / Searching all the time.

How Can I Book iPhone Baseband problems repairs?

If you think that my phone is faulty and it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. At Laptop Genius, we offer high-quality iPhone repair services for our customers all around London. If you want to repair, so that we can repair. Get in touch with a professional technician or book online for iPhone baseband problems repair. whichever is more convenient!
Select your iPhone Device model.
Select your iPhone Repair type.

When you book your iPhone device for repair at one of our stores, so we will repair it as soon as we can, and once it is done so you will be informed to “Get It Back and Enjoy it!”

Provide Laptop Genius with The Following For iPhone Baseband problems

Send your iPhone along with your name, phone number, passcode, and email.
Include the PayPal transaction number or order number.

Do not send any accessories with your iPhone device like a sim card, case, charger.
Time Frame 1 or 2 working days.

Provide Laptop Genius with The Following For iPhone Baseband problems


We offer high-quality iPhone baseband problems repairs service that you can trust. Just bring your iPhone device, and get quick and cost-effective repair with a smile.

We test your iPhone Baseband Problems after repair

When we repair your iPhone baseband problems, we need to disassemble it, replace the faulty parts, and assemble it back. It is a very complex process. We have to test it. And to ensure all functions are working properly.

While you are in our store, you can test it yourself, but if your device repair takes more than an hour or a day, and you send it for repair to Laptop Genius, we will need your password and passcode, or pattern lock because we will not be able to test your iPhone without it.

Your data will stay untouched for the entire testing process, and we do not change any software settings. You always can trust us that your iPhone device is in safe hands.

Pick-Up and Drop-up

We know you live a busy life; you may not be able to come to our location for your repairing service, but worry not! Here at laptop genius, we have a pick-up and drop-up facility for our busy customers. We will collect your device from your home or office to repair it.

Once the repair is done, we will contact you to be dispatched if you are stuck in your home or business place and cannot come. We can bring your iPhone device to your location or ship it to you. We ensure that you will get your iPhone running better than ever before. We are well known for our excellent iPhone baseband problems repair service all over London.

Why Choose Laptop Genius?

Laptop Genius specializes in offering an express iPhone repair service along with a wide range of iPhone accessories and refurbished devices. We pride ourselves on offering an express iPhone baseband problems repair services powered by Laptop Genius accredited technicians, and a lifetime warranty backs all iPhone repairs*

Laptop Genius advantages

Highly qualified technicians.
UK’s leading high-street repair service.
Highly rated on Trust pilot by our customers.
We provide the fastest turnaround within 24 hours.
Your repair comes with a standard 30 days warranty.
Using high-quality components that are quality controlled.
All iPhone Baseband problems come with a lifetime warranty!
We have the knowledge and tools, which you name, We Can Fix It.
We make sure your phone is repaired back to working order in no time.
iPhone express repair service takes between 30 minutes or 1 hour. Why wait? Book an iPhone baseband problems repair near you.

Contact Laptop Genius

If you have any kind of issue, it does not matter! The best way is to bring your faulty iPhone to fix the fault from getting worse. We understand how important your phone is to you, and we know how to keep it performing and looking like the day you bought it from the shop.

Get in touch with us on 02085632391 – 07429293122 or E-Mail us at right now to set up a convenient appointment for your iPhone baseband problems repair services.

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