Iphone camera not working

Camera not working

iPhone device is a classic smart device with functionalities and unique features of smooth design and superior automation technology made by ‘Apple’ Nevertheless, iPhone users complain about the faults of the camera on the iPhone device. It is usually observed that the camera is not functioning correctly rather than providing the front view or back clearly and shows a black screen. For iPhone users this problem can be frustrating, so they try to find a quality iPhone camera repairing service to fix the black screen issue.
Here are some common issues :

1- Missing options
2- Out of sync flash
3- The camera app is frozen
4- The camera seems to be frozen
5- Black screen on the back camera

Fixing iPhone Camera not Working

If you face issues with your iPhone camera not working, there is a black screen on the back camera, the camera app is frozen, or other cases. There can be nothing more frustrating than an iPhone camera not working. While you pull out your iPhone device to capture the perfect moment, and you find your iPhone of no use.
But luckily, there is a quick way to resolve whatever problem you are experiencing and start snapping pictures away quickly. Keep in mind; Laptop Genius is the only solution for your iPhone camera, not working issues. Professional technicians can fix your problem in no time and at an affordable price.
If you choose to bring your iPhone device to our shop for repair, we will ensure to serve you high-quality repairs with a warranty. Bring to the shop, or call us; we can collect from your home or office door, and you can expect the perfect result for iPhone repairs after you get it back.

About the Camera not working repair process

Your iPhone repair process starts with slightly heating the back glass on the special plate. That melts the glue a bit, so removing the camera lens is easier and safer. We carry out this process very careful to not to damage any components those are hidden under the camera lens. Sometimes we remove the back of your iPhone to repair or replace the camera lens.

camera not working


To guarantee your satisfaction, we replace the camera lens with a high-quality part. The mounting point is a double-sided adhesive, exactly the same as Apple uses, ensuring the perfect fit.
Laptop Genius’s expert technicians will repair your iPhone while you wait when it is possible. Mostly, the repair does not take longer than an hour, including testing your iPhone after repair. Suppose you have sent it in for online repair; we will return your device within the next day or in a few days. You can expect perfect results when you get your iPhone device back!

We Test After We Fix It

We will carefully test your iPhone device after repair. It includes the new camera glass lens fitting and camera autofocus. We want to confirm that other components work properly after assembling the phone back (microphone and the speaker, calling function, network range, Wi-Fi, charging, speakers, front camera). After you get your iPhone back, we kindly ask you to test it again.

Same day iPhone Camera not Working repairs

If your iPhone camera not working so, we will repair or remove the faulty lens and replace a brand-new functioning one to perform your camera as well as a new one. We will carry out these repairs on the same day. At laptop Genius, we provide same-day repair services for customers all over London. You can bring and pick up your phone repaired the same day.
If you are busy and can come to us, please book it online; we will get it from your home or office and check for faults to repair them; once we fix it, we will test your iPhone and inform you that the repair is completed. We back this up with a 1-year performance warranty.

Pick up & Return Service

We know you live a busy life and do not always have the time to visit the support and repair centre. That’s why we provide a convenient pick-up and drop-off iPhone repair service for customers. We can collect from your home or office on a day that suits you.
It would not be easier to get your iPhone camera not working issue repaired. We are offering pick up and return service in London. We will contact you after your iPhone is ready to be dispatched.

Same day iPhone Camera not Working repairs


Do not worry if you are stuck in your home or office and unable to come to the store. We will bring your iPhone to your location or ship it to you. We are well known for excellent iPhone camera, not working issues repair service all across London.

Our guarantee after service

When you get your iPhone for repair at Laptop genius, we guarantee all repair services. We offer this Warranty whenever you get any iPhone camera not working issue repair service. We believe in securing the rights of customers.

Why Choose Us for iPhone Camera not Working Services?

We provide efficient iPhone repair services all across London. We offer the same-day service even during the weekends. We understand that you need your iPhone mobile all the time. And it is very difficult and time-consuming to leave your device in the repair store.
So, we provide the remote repair service and doorstep iPhone camera not working repair services in London. Our technicians are happy to walk the extra miles to give you peace of mind. So, if you are facing any problems, we are available 24/7. We are just one call away from you.
Our advantages:
Expert Techs
Free Diagnostics
Same Day Repair
6-Month Warranty

Contact Us

If you have any problem with your iPhone, please get in touch with expert technicians, or know more about iPhone camera not working repairing services so call us on 02085632391 – 07429293122 or E-mail us at  info@laptopgenius.co.uk we will always try to be in touch with you.

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