Charging port problem

Charging port problem

If you have an iPhone charging port problem, suppose it does not work properly, it has stopped charging. Trouble connecting earphones or charging your iPhone? It might be an iPhone charging port problem. You may begin to panic but do not worry- here is how we can fix it.

The iPhone charging port problem can occur in various ways, either through common wear and tear or by dust or water getting into the charging port. If you think your charging port is faulty, Laptop Genius is the only place where you can repair your faulty port quickly and at an affordable price.

iPhone charging port is one of the most important parts of the iPhone, and if this damages, you will not be able to charge your iPhone, which could lead to ultimately not being able to use iPhone at all!

Many things might lead to the iPhone charging port problem. Here are some most common causes and issues:
1. Corrosion.
2. Dirt, Dust, and Debris.
3. Broken Charging Port.
4. Bent Metallic-Connector.
5. Slag or Loose Charging Port.

Fixing iPhone Charging Port Problem


iPhones are daily companions for many of us. We take them everywhere, and this repeated use means that they may wear and tear fast. On an iPhone, the charging port is one of the most common parts to develop a problem.


Fixing iPhone Charging Port Problem


iPhone charging port problems that you may face include

Slow Charging
Forcing Cable into Charge
Holding Cable at Certain Angle

A damaged charging port means your iPhone will not be charging until it is fixed. It can be very frustrating, especially if you do not have an alternative source to get some charge.

If you face iPhone charging port problem, bring it to the Laptop Genius shop, where you can get satisfactory service from professional technicians.

Repairing or replacing your iPhone’s faulty charging port would typically take around 30 minutes up to an hour. We take the phone apart, repair, replace the charging port and test it to ensure everything works properly. We always give a lifetime performance warranty because we are really confident about the quality of components to fix your iPhone!

If you think you have a faulty iPhone, bring it to us, we will fix it quickly and efficiently and ensure to provide high-quality iPhone repair services. They are all easy for our professional technicians, so hopefully, you do not have to go without your lovely iPhone device for too long.

Test Why iPhone Charging Port Does Not Work.

There can be some reasons why your iPhone device might not be charging. Suppose the charger brick or charging cable may be broken or defective in one way or another. The second reason can be related to your iPhone battery as it may be worn or defective.

Suppose your iPhone battery is draining very soon. It can signify that the issue lies within the battery, not the charger or the charging port.
Here is how to test various parts of the iPhone’s charging system:
Use the same charger with another device. If it charges properly, the problem is that your iPhone charging port is damaged or the battery needs replacement.

Push it a little bit harder into the iPhone charging port or flip the lightning jack on the other side. If it did work, it could be a temporary fix.


Test Why iPhone Charging Port Does Not Work.


Charge the iPhone by using a wireless charger. If it did work, then the issue is because of the wired charger.
Try to charge your iPhone using the lightning cable by connecting it to a computer. If this did work, then the problem is because of the charging brick.

After you confirm the problem is the iPhone itself, not how you are charging it, it is the right time to look into iPhone charging port problem repair.

While some issues may be hard and need replacing the iPhone charging port completely, some problems could be as simple as dust that got into the iPhone port and requires to be cleaned.

If you are experiencing iPhone charging port problem, bring it to Laptop Genius dedicated shop. Here the technicians are highly qualified and experienced, and they will carry out this process quickly and efficiently.

About The iPhone Charging Port Problem Repairing Process

If you face issues with your broken iPhone charging port, your phone is not charging, or it charges only at certain angles when you move the cable up-side, down, left, or right-side, and when you push it harder into your iPhone charging port. It is probably the port issue. This service includes labor and parts.

Before we start the process of replacing the port, we test it first to ensure that replacing the port will solve all related issues.

Our expert technicians will carry out repairs while you wait if it is possible. Mostly, the repair does not take longer than 30minutes or an hour, and it includes testing your iPhone with the new port after repair or replacement.
If you have booked it in for online repair, we return your iPhone the next day or within few days. If you are busy and cannot come to the shop, we will bring it to your home or office door. You can expect perfect results when you get your iPhone back.

We keep you Updated

When you drop your iPhone for repair, the technicians make a complete diagnosis to check the faults. If we found the fault which we were not discased about, we will inform you to repair. We also keep you connected throughout the repair process.

We Test Your iPhone After Repair

We have to disassemble it for your iPhone charging post problem repairs, replace the damaged components, and assemble them back. It is a very complicated process, and we test it to ensure everything works properly.
You can also test your iPhone by yourself while in-store, but if the iPhone board repair takes a long time, or you send it to a shop for repair.


We Test Your iPhone After Repair


We will need your password, pattern lock, or passcode because we will not be able to test your iPhone without it. Your data will stay untouched for the entire testing process, and we do not change any software settings.

Same Day iPhone Charging Port Problem Repairs

Our iPhone charging port problem repair service will repair or replace your device’s faulty charging port with one that functions properly. This process normally takes around 30 minutes or an hour, and then after final checks, your device will be ready for collection.

Why Choose Us for iPhone Repair?

Laptop genius is the best choice to fix your iPhone charging port problem. Here are some salient features of iPhone repair services.
We use original parts for replacement and up-gradation.
We offer the most affordable service for charging port repair services.
We diagnose your iPhone problem and provide consultancy free of cost.
We have a team of highly experienced technicians available to help you 24/7.
We provide high-quality iPhone charging port problem repair services all over London.
You do not need to fix an appointment and wait for it. Just bring your device right to us, and we will fix it within an hour.

Contact Us

If you are facing any problems with your iPhone, please contact Laptop Genius’s expert technicians, or you are willing to know more about iPhone repair services. So, do not hesitate to call us on 02085632391 – 07429293122 or E-mail us at we will always try to be in touch with you.

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