Iphone liquid damage

Liquid damage

One of the most usual accidents that may occur to your iPhone device is liquid damages. Liquid damage can happen when any liquid enters the iPhone device. For example, you forgot to remove your iPhone from the pocket before swimming, or a drink has been spilled.

Liquid damage can be very dangerous for your iPhone device’s internal parts and can destroy the iPhone for good if not treated. Unfortunately, when your iPhone device suffers from water damage, you need your iPhone Liquid damage repairs as quickly as possible by using our professional services.

Our expert will be able to remove all the liquid from your iPhone device and repair or replace some components on your mobile so you can once again enjoy it as before.

What to do in case of emergency?

Unfortunately, fixing iPhone Liquid damage is one of the most complicated repairs. It needs quick action from you – otherwise, it may ruin your iPhone device for good. The first thing you have to do is separate your iPhone device from the water; the faster, the better.

We also strongly recommend removing the case and protective screen (if you have one). It helps to dry your iPhone device quicker. Sometimes your device may be still working even for some days after a situation like this, but regular electro-corrosion will effect irreversible changes to its board. So, cleaning your iPhone device now is very important.

What to do in case of emergency?

iPhone Liquid damage repairs

We have experts and experienced technicians in iPhone repair servicing at our store, which is identified to have particular expertise in this field. When you bring or ship your iPhone device to us, the technicians will carry out a complete diagnosis.

iPhone water damage repairs begin with disordering the board and washing it in the ultrasonic washer. After that, we will dry all the parts and diagnose the damages to provide you with a complete quote. As quickly as you approve the estimate, we will begin working on your iPhone device directly, and we will carry out the repairs and complete them as soon as possible.

iPhone Liquid damage repair cost

At Laptop Genius, expert technicians will do their best to decrease water damage repair prices and try to keep the prices minimum, but the final price depends on various factors. You – as a user – may also reduce it a little by following the guidelines listed above.

If the water has been spilt on your iPhone device– urgent action is required; otherwise, your iPhone device may require an advanced repair or maybe ruined for good. The water-damaged iPhone repair cost will be emailed and compiled to you after a complete thorough diagnosis. We will quote you, and once you conform, we will start repairing your device.

Warranty for iPhone Liquid Damage Service

The liquid damage cleaning service will not be guaranteed that your iPhone device will be functional after work is carried out. It will only be guaranteed that it has been cleaned professionally. There is no warranty; if any problem arises after we have completed the washing, this only means that various parts had some partial damage already but could not be seen. If we have replaced anything for your iPhone device to work, we guarantee those components to work for 6 months.

iPhone Water damage repair procedures

The iPhone water damage services consist of some stages. First, we disassemble your iPhone device and look for liquid-affected areas. Then we remove those parts, including the motherboard, and make them ready for wash using an ultrasonic cleaner. We clean it with a special liquid designed explicitly for this operation. After that, we check under the microscope that all the corrosion has been removed. Once we confirm that the phone has been thoroughly washed, then we start the process of drying. It requires few hours. Later, we assemble the phone back and see if it is completely working. We do not give any warranty for washing; if it works, then it works. If it stops working any time in the future, it means that it requires additional parts.

iPhone Water damage repair procedures

We Test After Repair

We have to disassemble your iPhone for Liquid damage cleaning, wash all of the components, and assemble them back. It is a very complex process, and we test it to make sure that everything works properly. You can also test your iPhone device by yourself when you are in our store.

But if the iPhone water damage cleaning takes a long time and you send it to the shop for washing. We will need your password, pattern lock, or passcode because we will not be unable to test your device without these things. Your data will stay untouched for the entire testing process, and we will not ever change any software settings on your iPhone device.

We keep you Updated Throughout the Process

When you drop your iPhone device for cleaning, the technicians will wash the complete components. If we found the fault which occurred during the cleaning. We will inform you to repair them or not and will keep you connected throughout the iPhone Liquid damage cleaning process.

Pick-Up and Drop-up

We know you are living a really busy life; you may be unable to come to the store for your iPhone Liquid damage cleaning services, but worry not! We have a pick-up and drop-up facility for all the busy customers. We will collect your iPhone devices from your home or office to wash them.

Once the cleaning process is done, we will get in touch with you to be dispatched. If you have been stuck at your home or business place and are unable to come to the store, so we can bring your device to your location or ship it to you. We make sure that you will get your iPhone washed properly. We are well known for an excellent iPhone Liquid damage problems repair service all over London.

Pick-Up and Drop-up

Why Choose Laptop Genius?

Laptop Genius specializes in offering an express iPhone repair service along with a wide range of iPhone Liquid damage issues. We pride ourselves on offering an express iPhone device cleaning service powered by Laptop Genius accredited technicians and a lifetime warranty that backs all iPhone repairs and replaced components during the cleaning.
Our advantages.
Highly experienced technicians.
UK’s leading high-street cleaning service.
Highly rated on Trustpilot by customers.
We provide the fastest turnaround within 24 hours.
Your repair comes with a standard lifetime warranty.
Using high-quality components that are quality controlled.
All iPhone water damage problems are solved in high-quality!
We have the knowledge and tools, which you name, We Can Fix It.
We make sure your iPhone is cleaned back to working order in no time.

iPhone express repair service takes between 30 minutes or 1 hour. Why wait? Book an iPhone Liquid damage problems cleaning service near you.

Contact Us

If you have any kind of problem, it does not matter! The best way is to bring your water-damaged iPhone to clean or wash from getting worse. We understand how important your phone is to you, and we know how to keep it performing and looking like the day you bought it from the shop.

Get in touch with us on 0208563239107429293122 or E-Mail us at info@laptopgenius.co.uk right now to set up a convenient appointment for your iPhone Liquid damage cleaning services.

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