Laptop genius is your first choice to provide you on-site iPhone repair service when it goes down.

We understand that you need your iPhone daily and can’t manage to wait for weeks to get your iPhone repaired. Laptop genius comes with a quick solution to all of your iPhone problems.

Our expert technician will come on the spot within 24 hours, and even on Sundays, he’ll try to find out and fix the fault on the spot.

No matter which iPhone model you have, our experienced and well-qualified technicians can fix all. We provide 24 hours on-site iPhone repair service to all models at affordable prices.

Laptop Genius is an iPhone repair specialist

Laptop Genius is an iPhone repair specialist

Welcome to the Laptop Genius iPhone repair service in London. We have been mastering iPhone repair skills for more than 41 years in London, and we are proud to offer you truly comprehensive service for many problems with your iPhone.

We can fix your iPhones with any problems, including Audio issues, Backlight, Baseband problems, Battery replacement, Board repair, Boot loop, Camera not working, charging port problem, Error 4013-4014-9014 iTunes, Housing replacement, LCD replacement, Liquid damage, Wi-Fi not working, Recovery mode, or when your iPhone does not have power at all.

Our technicians treat every repair individually, with emphasis on the quality of our service.

We always try to fix your iPhone issue while you wait. Each iPhone repair role starts with a diagnostic to confirm that the proposed solution will help. We promise to repair your device as soon as possible.

The highest quality repair service guaranteed.

Please select the iPhone X repair type. If you need a services and you cannot find, let us know. Choose how you want to get it repaired – by post or while you wait in the store.

How Long does iPhone Repair Take?

How Long does iPhone Repair Take?

We understand that how disastrous it can be to have your iPhone damaged or broken. Do not panic about losing data, missing a project, or not having any enjoyment. With laptop genius, you’ll get your iPhone repaired quickly and correctly.

At Laptop Genius, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality repairs by an experienced team of engineers who are always ready to facilitate you quickly.

Our standard service can be completed within an hour or while you wait. In most cases, we offer a same-day iPhone repair service to our customers. We also provide express repairs, which often take only 15-30 minutes.

So whether you would like to drop your iPhone off and pick it up later or have repairs done while you wait, we’ve got you covered.

Hardware/Software repair

Hardware/Software repair

Laptop genius helps when any hardware component is defected, infected by malware or virus if any program stops working or not running properly, if reinstallation of any software or operating system is required.

Our team provides an efficient and effective service to all of your iPhone problems. Our services are currently available in London and all across the UK.

We always manifest the core of professionalism as we believe in long-term relationships with our customers. Our team believes in maintaining trust with our customers. To ensure the quality of our work, we bring in our years of experience.

At laptop genius, you’ll get the repair service for all iPhone models. Our technicians carefully disassemble the case, screen and preserve the components for later use.

Our team carefully inspects all pieces of equipment to confirm that the replacement screen is compatible with your iPhone. After complete confirmation, our experts start the installation.

Our laptop repair service in Uk is the best repair service that you can ever get. It is more efficient, effective, and reliable than your expectation.

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

We offer genuine replacements for any of your phone’s spare parts. The experts at Laptop genius are very critical of iPhone repair service.

We are one of the leading authorized iPhone repair agencies in London.

Our Advantages

Unlike other iPhone repair companies, we provide flat rates, and we cover a repair warranty.

We do not hide the extra cost in your bills. We are the best known for our quick service and affordable prices in London.

We always try to be in touch with you. Here are some of the salient features of our iPhone repair service.

We can fix it All


We offer an iPhone repair service that you can trust. We do not grab you in fine print to pore over—no clauses or conditions to read. Just bring your device, and get a repair with a smile.

We can fix it All

From a cracked screen to a battery issue, we can fix it all. Our technicians have the expertise and are equipped with all spare parts.

Often the repair is simple as swapping out the screen with a new one. And sometimes, our technicians have to delve deep to find out the cause. No matter what, we can fix it all.

Laptop genius guarantee after service

Laptop genius guarantee after service

When you get your iPhone repair from Laptop genius, we guarantee all our repair and replacement services. We offer this warranty whenever you get any of our iPhone repair services. We believe in securing the rights of our customers.

Pick Up

Our technician will contact you after your device is ready to be dispatched. Do not worry if you are stuck in your home or office and unable to come to our store.

We can bring your device to your location or ship it to you. When your device is hand over to you, we wait for you to check the performance of your device. We are sure that you’ll get your device running better than ever before.

We are well known for our excellent iPhone repair service all across London.

We test your iPhone after the repair

To repair your iPhone, we need to disassemble it, replace the faulty components, and assemble it back. It is a highly complex process, and to make sure everything is working fine, we have to test it.

While you are in our store, you can test it yourself, but if your iPhone repair takes more than an hour or a day, and you send it for repair to Laptop Genius, we will need your password and passcode, or pattern lock.

We won’t be able to test your iPhone without it. Your data will stay untouched for the whole testing process, and we don’t change any software settings.

Why Choose Laptop Genius Repair?

Why Choose Laptop Genius Repair?

Laptop Genius Repair has been serving the London area for over 41years, and we’ve built a reputation to keep our clients happy Through high-quality repairs and helpful advice.

You will find that we go above and beyond by proving that you don’t have to wait long or go out of your way to get a quality repair with the best customer service. Our customers understand that Laptop Genius is The only place to go for iPhone repair,

Contact Us Today

If you have a small or large issue, so It does not matter, it is always best to bring your iPhone in right away to solve the problem from getting worse. Contact us right now to set up a convenient appointment for your iPhone repair services!

We understand how important your phone is, and we know how to keep it performing and looking like the day you bought it from the shop. Book an iPhone repair online today,or call us at; 02085632391