Bios Problem

Bios Problem

BIOS problem often arises in your laptop, and it is very critical to update BIOS for the better health and performance of your system.

If you have installed the latest CPU, you need to update BIOS. Or, if your vendor has provided the updates to raise stability, your system needs to improve BIOS.

Laptop genius has the best BIOS tools to correct the BIOS problem of any of your laptop models. Our technicians are always ready to help customers identify and install the latest BIOS update, replacement, or program for their laptops.

Our highly qualified engineers help to fix BIOS problems in any laptop model- Acer, Toshiba, Hp, Dell, Microsoft, Macbook, or Lenovo.

We can fix the BIOS problem

If you’re facing any BIOS problem and want to update BIOS, bring your device right to us. Our laptop repair service applies to updating the BIOS on your motherboard.

We offer efficient BIOS, firmware, driver update, reliability test, and a complete functional system test. All you need to do is send us your device, we’ll upgrade the BIOS, configure the system and return it to you.

We also provide an appropriate warrantee to our customers for their satisfaction. Buying a new computer can cost you high as compared to a complete system upgrade.

With our effective and high-quality system upgrade, you can increase productivity, processing speed, and will keep you on the cutting edge of technology without buying a whole new PC.


Bring your device

Our process starts when you get your device and all the necessary pieces of equipment to us. We suggest you bring the charger and all required parts or cables along with the device. Otherwise, we have a wide range of equipment for all laptop models.


Our highly qualified technicians make a complete diagnosis to find out the fault. We provide a free consultancy for the repair and cost of repair.

Laptop Genius Repair process

Our repair process applies to update the BIOS in your motherboard. Our technicians search for vendors to find out the latest and most suitable BIOS available for your device.

We offer the most reliable BIOS update as we install BIOS only from the vendor-supported and stable BIOS release.

BIOS updates are done in various ways depending upon the device and motherboard.

Our technicians are experts in fixing all kinds of BIOS problem.
After a complete update, our technicians perform various experiments to ensure that the system is performing well.

Our Specialties

Our technicians complete research your device’s specification and consult the motherboard vendors. We’ll install the latest version of BIOS in your Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Microsoft, or Macbook.
Laptop genius is in contact will the major vendors.

We keep you Updated

When you drop your device for laptop repair, we make a complete diagnosis to check the faults. We keep you connected throughout the repair process.

We offer a same-day repair service. Our technicians can fix your BIOS problem on the spot within an hour or two. We keep you updated during the process.

bios setting

Highly Experienced

With our laptop repair service, you’ll get the advantage of repairing, replacing, upgrading your laptops. We have a team of highly qualified engineers who have fixed thousands of laptops and computers.
Our years of experience and top standing enable us to become the leading service provider in London for the top laptop brands.

Why us?

Laptop genius is the best choice to fix your BIOS problem. Here are a few salient features of our laptop repair service.
We provide the number one laptop repair service in London.
diagnose the laptop problem and provide consultancy free of cost.

offer the most cost-effective service for laptop boot up.
offer the RAM upgrade service for all leading laptop brands.
use original parts from the manufacturers or the authorized third-party provider for up-gradation and replacement.
After free diagnosis, we offer an estimated price cost. Our pricing is transparent. We do not hide additional charges in your bill.
You do not need to fix an appointment and wait for it. Just bring your device right to us, and we’ll fix it within hours.

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