Hard drive upgrade (SSD)

Have you got tired of taking your laptop to the repair shop every time? Any program takes a long time to load, it takes longer to boot up, your laptop is susceptible to viruses, you have lost your important data, or you want to upgrade your system.

If you are facing any of these problems, Laptop genius is the best choice for you. We provide the quickest and most effective hard drive upgrade service in London. We have highly qualified technicians with years of experience in the industry who can fix all of your laptop issues.

Our technicians offer virus and spy removal, hard drive upgrade, PC tune Up, hardware replacement, laptop screen repair, and operating system configuration on daily basis.

They are familiar with all kinds of hardware or software problems with your laptop. We provide hard drive upgrade services for all of your laptops models.

What do we offer?

We offer hardware and software services for all kinds of laptop models. Laptop genius provides most of the laptop repair on the same day.

Talk to any of our technicians and let them know what issues are you facing with your device. They’ll provide you a free consultancy and an estimated cost for your laptop repair.

In most cases, you can get your device running again at the same time. As we care a lot about your worthy time and money. Laptop genius provides a variety of hard drive upgrade services.

macbook ssd upgrade

  1. Laptop hard drive upgrade

  2. HDD to SSD upgrade service

  3. HDD storage upgrade

  4. SSD storage upgrade

  5. Hard disk drive replacement

  6. New Hard disk drive installation

  7. Old to new HDD data cloning

When Do you need a Hard drive Upgrade?

You may have a failed or failing hard drive if your laptop is running slowly, the operating system is failing to load, or you notice any clicking sound from the computer

. Hard drive failure occurs in numerous different ways that need to be diagnosed correctly before repair. Bring your device to any of our locations in London, our expert technician will make a comprehensive diagnostic to find the root cause of hard drive failure.

They will provide a free consultancy and the cost for repair. We are aimed to provide you a cost-effective and efficient solution for all of your laptop issues.

After your approval, our team will perform the appropriate repair to get you back up and running.

When Do you need a Hard drive Upgrade?

Our hard drive upgrade process

If your device needs a hardware upgrade, our technicians will find out the most compatible hard drive for your system.

We stock the most suitable and high-quality hard drives for a variety of laptop models. Most of the time, the root cause of the issue is not the hard drive, so we make a complete diagnosis to find the exact goes.

With a little extra cost, our technicians can attempt to recover your data from the failed hard drive.

So, if you have any important data in the failed hard drive, you can discuss your data needs with our technicians.

Our technicians are happy to walk extra miles to recover your data, as we know the importance of data in your device.

If you need the installation of the operating system on the replacement hard drive, our technicians are happy to do that for you for a bit extra fee.

Unlike other laptop repair services, we have transparent pricing and provide flat rates depending upon the service needs of your device.

Our specialties

Laptop genius is an expert in providing you the best laptop repair service effective repair services in London.

We have years of experience and are well known for our reliable, quick, and most effective service. We are well known for the following specialties.

Best replacement hard drives

If your device needs a hard drive upgrade, we’ll select the best and the most compatible replacement for you that goes well with the size and speed of your device.

Latest technology

We have all the latest equipment and tools to provide you the best of our service. Our highly qualified technicians have all the latest machinery repair to fix even the issues at the component level.

Data recovery

We are aware of the importance of your data and information. Our technicians try their best to recover your valuable data from the failed hard drive and safely provide it to you.

Before installing a new hard drive, we recover data safely from the old hard drive on clients’ demand.

Functionality test

After installing the new hard drive, our technicians perform several quality tests to check the functionality and the compatibility of the new hard drive with your device.

We make sure that the connections are right, and the system recognizes the new hard drive.

Get your device as new

With our laptop repair service, you can get your system as new. After the hard drive upgrade, we can install the new operating system at the point when the new hard drive is installed and there’s no operating system in it.

This way you will get your laptop back the way it was when you first purchased it.

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