motherboard repair

Motherboard rapair

Motherboard failure can exhibit in several ways. For example, if your computer is acting up and not running smoothly, the computer is not turning on at all, peripherals on the computer become unreliable, you see odd behavior on a monitor like lines on the screen, or unexpected freezes. All these problems indicate a fault in the motherboard.

what is motherboard?

The motherboard is considered the heart, brain, or the central hub of the computer. Everything that you do on the screen like working with the peripherals, storing data, or sending data to monitor, depends upon the motherboard.

If your computer is not turning on at all, this might be because of a faulty motherboard. Most laptop owners think that they need to buy a new laptop if this situation occurs. But, in most cases, the problem can be solved by just repairing or replacing the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard can be an expensive undertaking.

what can laptop genius do for my motherboard?

Laptop genius is here to help you with that. Our expert technicians have years of experience and are familiar with all kinds of motherboard damages. If you are facing a faulty motherboard in your laptop, just bring your device right to us.

Our technicians will thoroughly diagnose it and provide you a repair plan and price quote. You can take a free consultancy and diagnosis from any of our technicians. Our technicians are happy to walk the extra mile to satisfy you and fulfill your repairing needs.

Our Motherboard repair and replacement service include a free consultancy and diagnosis. If replacement is required our team finds a motherboard compatible with your device.

Our technicians carefully disassemble your laptop, saving all the screws and brackets required to reinstall the motherboard. After reassembling the new motherboard, our technicians install the drivers for the replaced motherboard to help you get efficient performance.

We provide a quick and effective motherboard repair and replacement service to get your laptop running again as soon as possible.

Laptop genius provides a 24/7 service and even during the weekends. Our technicians are highly experienced and are familiar will all of your laptop models.

what can laptop genius do for my motherboard?

HP motherboard repair and replacement

After a free diagnosis, our technicians will research an appropriate and compatible motherboard for your HP laptop. In most cases, the problem can be solved by repairing the motherboard, so you do not need to spend extra money on replacing the whole motherboard. As our technicians are experienced in electronics and system board components.

Our ability to repair the motherboard makes us a unique and highly ranked Motherboard repair and replacement agency in London. We aim to provide you an effective and affordable solution for your faulty device.

If your HP laptop is not turning on at all, or you notice any odd system behavior on the screen, just bring your device to any of our technicians for free consultancy. Ask the laptop expert at Laptop genius to find out how we can save you money and time.

Dell motherboard repair and replacement

If you have a faulty motherboard in your dell laptop, bring it to us along with the power cord and the adapter. We have a variety of motherboard replacements for any of your dell laptop models. And if you already have a motherboard replacement, bring it to us.

Our technicians will check out the compatibility of the new motherboard with your device and will give you the best suggestion. To reassemble the new motherboard, we’ll need your login credentials to take care of your windows and drivers activation.

We might also require your window license key to activate Windows with the newly installed motherboard.

When you drop your device to us, our technicians make a complete diagnostic to find out the fault. After diagnosis, one of our technicians will contact you to tell you the result of the diagnosis and the cost of repair.

When we get your approval for the repair cost, we keep you updated about our complete repair process. With the quick and efficient service of Laptop genius, you can get your device repaired within a day or two.

Toshiba motherboard repair and replacement

If you have a bad Toshiba motherboard, we can repair or replace it for you. Replacing a Toshiba motherboard can cost you hundreds. So, we focus on fixing the issue through repair.

Our experienced technicians are familiar will all kinds of Toshiba motherboard issues. We can fix your motherboard rather than replacing, saving you a lot of money. Laptop genius is the best choice for motherboard repair and replacement.

We support our repair with a few month’s warranties for all parts and labor. If your experience an issue in our repair, contact our support or visit any of our locations all across London.

As a customer of laptop genius, you are the most important aspect of our business. We work hard to provide you effective, quick, and reliable service. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

The problem with the motherboard is that if any fault arises, the problem can be trickled down into other parts in unusual ways.

Replacing the motherboard needs a careful process and complete know-how of the internal system because everything in the computer needs to be stripped out before replacing the motherboard. A highly experienced nerd can be the best choice for your Toshiba motherboard repair and replacement service.

Toshiba motherboard repair and replacement

Acer motherboard repair and replacement:

If you have a faulty Acer motherboard and need to replace it. It is very important to check the compatibility of your Acer device with the replacement motherboard.

Only a technician with complete knowledge of internal components can determine the compatibility of the new motherboard with the device. If the replacement motherboard is not compatible;e with your Acer device, it will Wreak havoc on your computer. An incompatible motherboard strain on the other devices, and you may need your hard drive.

As a result, you’ll lose all of your important data. That’s why if you have a motherboard problem with your device you need to go for an experienced and trustworthy motherboard repair and replacement service.

If you are experiencing any odd behavior by your Acer device, you need to contact us right away and get your device running again in a short time.

Motherboard issues can be both hardware and software malfunctioning. When you bring your device to us, we first assess the computer to make sure that it is a motherboard that is giving issue.

If it is the motherboard, we check if it is salvageable or you need a replacement.

We have the original replacement motherboards for all of Acer’s models.

MacBook motherboard repair and replacement

We fix the MacBook logic boards by replacing the damaged component of any MacBook model. We have the best MacBook repair service in London made possible by high technology engineering machines. These machines can quickly diagnose the fault even at the component level. We can repair and replace all levels of motherboard damages including IC, SMC, Nvidia, processor, and different chips on the motherboard.

All repairs and replacements are fully controlled by computerized machines. Laptop genius uses advanced BGA machines to repair the damages at the component level to ensure that high-quality and efficient laptop repair is done.

Our highly experienced technicians are able to efficiently repair all kinds of MacBook faulty motherboards.

Our MacBook motherboard repair and replacement service can effectively deal with dead or bricked motherboard, liquid damaged motherboard, faulty built-in memory, faulty graphic chip replacement, and power section repair on Mac motherboard.

Bring your MacBook to us for a free diagnosis and a price quote of repair, after your approval our technicians will quickly repair your device with our high technology machines. You’ll be able to get your device back to normal within a single working day.

We provide the original replacement components for all MacBook models.

Microsoft motherboard repair and replacement

If your Microsoft laptop suddenly died, we can make your device running again within one or two working days. We have the logic board specialist whether you accidentally spilled liquid on the device, overheated GPU, or a dead system board we’ve covered you all.

With our Microsoft motherboard repair service, you’ll have to pay much less than buying a new laptop.

In most cases, the failed motherboard is caused by a few faulty chips. Our technicians work to find the failed chips and replace them to get your device back to life.

After we get your Microsoft device, we’ll perform a diagnostic assessment and provide an obligation-free quotation.

Laptop genius provides transparent pricing and flat rates for motherboard repair and replacement service depending upon the model and repair difficulty.

If your motherboard has been damaged beyond any feasible economical repair, our wide stock of replacement system boards will get your Microsoft device back to work within no time at a reasonable cost.

All our work is covered by a back-to-base warranty. We repair all kinds of Microsoft logic board problems including liquid damage, backlight, power socket, processor issue, automatic shutdowns, and faulty graphic chips.

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