You are stuck at work, and suddenly your laptop starts overheating and slow down? We are here to help you. If your laptop is facing an overheating problem, do not ignore it.

It can soon become a very serious problem. Overheating often leads to several component damages.

The laptop often gets overheated if it does not get sufficient ventilation, or vents are covered, or the dust is stuck in the fan.

It also happens when the laptop does not get enough space to through the hot air out. This hot air starts circulating inside the laptop thus damages many internal components like the motherboard, hard drive, the software crashed, and blue screen.

It happens to almost all laptops, including Macbook, and windows computers.

How to avoid laptop overheating?

How to avoid laptop overheating?

If you want your laptop to work well longer, and do not want it to get any internal damage. It’s necessary to take great care of its health from all aspects like you take care of yourself.

If your laptop is not getting any stress or extra work, it will work efficiently for years without any glitch or breakdown. While working on the laptop, make sure to provide appropriate space for ventilation.

Protect it from dust

Clean the fans thoroughly so that they will not get stuck with dust.

Don’t block the vent

Make sure that the vent area is not blocked by books, blankets, or something like that. Following these tips, you can protect your laptop from overheating.

Check the temperature

Identifying the overheating problem early can make you cost less for repair. The damage becomes severe with the passage of time. If you do not realize that your laptop is overheating.

There are different software that can be used for the temperature determination of your laptop. If the temperature exceeds 50c that means you need to fix the problem immediately.

Effect of overheating

Overheating is one of the major problems that most laptops do not get longer life. If the vent area is blocked, the palm rest will start overheating, the laptop slows down, or you might see the blue screen of death while the laptop is working. The fan starts making huge or grinding noise.

Our overheating fix service

Our laptop repair service is one of the most efficient and cost-effective services in London. We can fix the overheating issue of any laptop model within no time.

If your laptop is facing overheating issues over time, do not wait and immediately bring your device right to us. Laptop genius provides the same-day laptop repair and MacBook repair service on your doorstep.

Our technician will come to any of your locations, to solve the overheating issue of your device. We have a team of highly trained professionals equipped with all the latest tools. Laptop overheating is one of the issues that can be solved quickly on your doorstep. Here is the detail of our whole repair process;

Open the casing

First of all our technician will open your laptops’ casing thoroughly. Do not worry our technicians are highly qualified engineers. After opening the casing, he’ll save all the screws and brackets for later use.

Disassembling the components

He’ll carefully disassemble all the internal components like fan, processor, and heatsink.

Dust Removal

The fan is removed carefully, to clean it inside out. We use hot compressed air to remove all the dust from the heatsink.

Cleaning the thermal paste

Hare or dried thermal paste is removed from the heatsink and processor.

As it blocks the ventilation space of the laptop.

Installing fresh thermal paste

Fresh thermal paste is installed underneath the heatsink and on the top of the processor. It is very crucial to protect your laptop from overheating in the future.

Reassembling the components

After applying thermal paste, all the components are reinstalled. The technician then closes the casing again.

Functionality check

After the technician is done with the laptop repair, he’ll perform some functionality checks. It is to check the performance and efficiency of your device. After ensuring the performance, your device is hand over to you. It’s ready to run again.

Our technician will brief you, and make sure that your device will not face overheating again. They use the latest tools and software to repair laptop overheating completely.

laptop genius service across London

laptop genius service across London

Laptop genius provides efficient laptop repair services all across London. We offer the same-day service even during the weekends.

We understand that you need your laptop all the time. And it is difficult and time-consuming to leave your laptop in the repair store. So we provide the remote repair service and doorstep repair service.

Our technicians are happy to walk the extra miles to give you peace of mind. So, if you are facing overheating problem our laptop repair service is 24/7 available. We are just one call away.

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