Ram upgrade

Ram upgrade

If your computer is slow to respond, and you want to boot up your computer. RAM upgrade is the easiest and most effective to sort out the memory problem. Most of the laptops come with small memory and are capable of more. Laptop genius helps you double or better your laptop’s memory by the upgrade. When you bring your device to laptop genius, you’ll get a free consultancy. We’ll offer you the best memory choices, considering the memory concern. We are the most trustworthy and well known for our number one RAM upgrade service in London. We upgrade the RAM of all leading laptop models; Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Microsoft, MacBook, and Lenovo. We offer the minimum repair time for all parts in stock.

We have a team of highly trained professionals, who are backed up with all the latest techniques and tools to upgrade your system.

laptop Ram

Types of RAM

There are different types of RAM used for different purposes. So, your  upgrade depends upon your functionality needs. Our technicians specialize in all types of RAMS; DRAM, SRAM, synchronous dynamic RAM, Single data rate synchronous dynamic RAM, and Double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM.

When do you need a RAM upgrade?

If your computer applications run very slowly, or your computer takes a long time to boot up. If you have to face crashes and freezes while working on your laptop. Your laptop needs a longer time to load files and program. Or, you often see “free system memory” pop-ups. Any of these symptoms indicate that you need a professional laptop repair service for a RAM upgrade.

Benefits of RAM upgrade

RAM upgrade provides a fast browsing rate, enhances network, better gaming, and avoids the system slow down.

Multitasker gets more benefit from upgrade because more memory means you can run more programs at once. You get more program availability. Many programs require a certain amount of memory to run properly, RAM upgrade helps them function better.

RAM upgrade Expert in London

Laptop genius provides the quickest and most effective laptop repair service all across London. We can upgrade your device with a new RAM within no time. We use the latest machines and tools to get your device back to you within hours.

Why laptop genius?

  • We provide the number one laptop repair service in London.
  • We diagnose the laptop problem and provide consultancy free of cost.
  • We offer the most cost-effective service for laptop boot up.
  • We offer the RAM upgrade service for all leading laptop brands.
  • We use original parts from the manufacturers or the authorized third-party provider for up-gradation and replacement.
  • After free diagnosis, we offer an estimated price cost. Our pricing is transparent. We do not hide additional charges in your bill.
  • You do not need to fix an appointment and wait for it. Just bring your device right to us, and we’ll fix it within hours.
  • We have a team of highly qualified engineers available to help you 24/7 and even during weekends.

laptop genius RAM upgrade process

RAM upgrade is the most cost-effective process to breathe new life into your laptop. To start the process, we select the memory that is compatible with your system. Here is the detailed process of how we upgrade your RAM.

laptop genius RAM upgrade process

Verify the current memory

First of all, our technician will open your desktop to verify the old memory. He’ll give you the compatible choices for the memory upgrade. We help you decide how much memory you can upgrade depending upon your laptop model. We provide an estimated price cost for that. After your approval, replacement RAM is selected for the upgrade.

RAM replacement

We’ll open up the case, remove all the dust inside with compressed air. After that, we replace the old RAM with the new one. Our technician will carefully install the new memory, possibly after removing the old one. It will help you get the full benefit of compatibility and memory needs.

Functionality check

After installation, our technician will carefully close the case. Several functionality checks are taken to see the performance of the new system. We make sure that your RAM upgrade goes well. In the end, we boot up the computer to make sure that everything goes well.

Key Points

When you bring your device to us, our technician will assess the quality of your laptop quickly. We determine what we can upgrade too, and we have in stock for your RAM upgrade.

After choosing the most compatible RAM, we carefully install the memory. We perform a variety of tests to make sure that the upgrade was successful. We care about our customers’ satisfaction. We keep you update about our whole repair process.

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