Audio problems

Audio problems

Audio problems are very common in Windows. There can be different reasons that can cause audio problems in your laptop like faulty drivers, hardware issues, or sometimes window errors.

Sound is an important factor for many of the users who use their laptop speakers on regular basis. So, sound problems can be frustrating for the users.

All computer hardware needs special programs called “drivers”  to interact with the computer and work properly. If any of the drivers are missing or corrupted, the relevant hardware stops working.

missing sound driver

Similar is the case with laptop speakers, a missing sound driver can be one of the reasons that audio problems occur to your computer.

It is confusing and sometimes frustrating to find out and install the correct driver for the relevant hardware to make it function properly.

Laptop genius is the most efficient laptop repair service in London. Our technicians are experts in installing sound drivers in all kinds of operating systems.

They are familiar with a variety of audio problems and can quickly detect and fix the fault.

No matter what operating system you are using: Windows, Linux, Unix, etc our technicians can efficiently handle and fix all the issues.

sort out Audio problems

How to sort out Audio problems?

Sometimes a minor issue in settings can create an audio problem, you can sort out these issues in a second.

If there’s a ‘no sound’ issue in your laptop, click on the volume button on the extreme right of the taskbar.

Click on the inverted v icon to expand, click on the speaker which is responsible for volume on your PC.

If the audio problems are not straightforward and can not be fixed by simple means, bring your device to us we can do a quick and free diagnosis.

We provide faster turnarounds to help keep you on the grid.

Our laptop repair service comes with a healthy warrantee, which serves as the testimony of our great repair quality and loyalty.

Additionally, we have flat rates for all of our laptop repair services we do not want you to have unpleasant surprises, so we keep our prices transparent enough.

What we offer?

If the audio problem is not getting solved by a simple setting you might wave a corrupted driver for the audio controller.

Bring your device to us, our technicians will quickly uninstall the corrupted driver, and install the relevant active driver to keep you running.

Audio problems

You can get your service done within a single day as we take care of your worthy time. At laptop genius, the client comes first.

We recognize that different clients have different laptop repair needs, some issues require technical skills.

what should our technicians do?

Our technicians strive in their approach to lend an empathetic hand to our client’s problems and provide them with the most convenient and cost-effective solution.

We offer all kinds of laptop repairs and provide a solution for all audio problems providing you very friendly and effective services.

No matter whether you need help with laptop repairs, virus removals, drivers installation, operating system issues, or setting up your wireless devices- laptop genius can fix it all.

We are happy to share all of the options with you why the audio breakdown happened.

Our technicians guide you to avoid that breakdown in the future as we do not believe in keeping all the good stuff to themselves.

With laptop genius core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, laptop genius has a team of passionate people who love technology and are excited to help others when technology breaks and laptop repair is required.

Remote audio problems repair service:

Sometimes you may not have the time or means to drop your laptop at any of our company’s locations in London. We are happy to provide you online technical support.

As most of the time, audio problems occur due to some wrong setting or corrupted driver.

Laptop genius provides the fastest remote laptop repair and online tech support service for a variety of issues that can be resolved remotely.

In most cases, your audio problems can be tackled remotely. Our online support system is quite convenient and straightforward.

We consider your privacy, and take care of almost 80% driver issues remotely. If you are facing audio problems with any of your laptop model, just contact Laptop genius.

We provide the best laptop repair services all across the London.

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