Not Turning on

Not Turning on

There are various reasons your laptop won’t turn on, and you probably want to get it running again. Sometimes it does not turn on even when connected to AC power and an active display. If your laptop is not turning on, bring your device right to us. We’ll perform a variety of checks and changes to make your Macbook running again.

If you hear any whirring, beeping, or fan noise, it might be an issue with the screen. There can be various reasons causing the laptop not turning on issue.

  • Internal component issues
  • External devices issues
  • Booting problem
  • Power issue
  • Monitor/ display problem


how can i revive dead laptop?


Follow the following tips for troubleshooting if you don’t notice any sound.

Boot your laptop in recovery mode

When the laptop not turning on, try to boot it in recovery mode. Hold on to the power button if you notice the OS utility screen that means the action works.

Getting it in the recovery mode, reboot the laptop, and it should start appropriately.

Reset the power connections

Sometimes the laptop becomes out of power, so it doesn’t turn on. Maybe the AC power connector is not connected appropriately so that your device is not getting power. Power lack can also lead to your laptop not turning on.

Perform Power cycle

To perform a power cycle, long-press the power button. This action will cut all the power connections of your device. It may help to fix the laptop not turning on issue.

Reset the system management controller

SMC manages all the low-level functioning components in your computer like the power button, trackpad, display, battery, fans, motion-sensing, etc. An error in SMC can also cause your laptop not turning on .

Reinstall the battery

Sometimes the battery sticks and any fault in the battery can lead to your device not turning on . Take the battery out. Clean it with a piece of fabric and reinstall it into your laptop. Now click on the power button your device may turn on.

Check the hardware

Check all the hardware connections are connected appropriately. An inappropriate hardware connection can also lead to the laptop not turning on .

When none of the tips above help turn on your laptop, get your device to our laptop repair service. We can fix it in minutes.

We can fix the laptop not turning on the issue

If you can’t fix the laptop not turning on issue with the above solutions, your device may need some complicated fix. Laptop genius is an expert in providing you the best laptop repair service in London. We have years of experience and are well known for our reliable, quick, and most effective service. We are well known for the following specialties.



Latest technology

We have all the latest equipment and tools to provide you the best of our service. Our highly qualified technicians have all the latest machinery repair to fix even the issues at the component level.


We offer the quickest laptop not turning on repair service. In most cases, you can get your device repaired on the same day. Even if the damage is complicated, any component replacement is required-it takes no longer than two days. We understand the importance of your device, and living without your device makes you frustrated. So, our technicians are passionate and can walk the extra mile to get your laptop back to you as soon as possible.

Data recovery

We are aware of the importance of your data and information. Our technicians try hard to recover your valuable data from the failed hard drive and safely provide it to you. Before installing a new hard drive, we recover data safely from the old hard drive on clients’ demand. With our laptop repair service, you can get your essential data back safely.

Functionality test

After fixing the laptop not turning on issue, our technicians perform several quality tests to check the functionality to ensure the device is turning on appropriately. We make sure that the connections and the system are no more faulty.

Get your device as new

With our laptop not turning on repair service, you can get your system as new. After the repair, we can install the new operating system when new drivers are installed, and there’s no operating system in it. This way, you will get your laptop back the way it was when you first purchased it.

Pick Up

Our technician will contact you after your device is ready to be dispatched. If you are stuck in your home or office and unable to come to our store, do not worry. We can bring your device to your location or ship it to you. When your device is hand over to you, we wait for you to check the performance of your device. We are sure that you’ll get your laptop running better than ever before. We are well known for our excellent laptop repair service all across London.

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