Macbook audio problems

Macbook audio problems

If you can’t hear any voice from your Macbook speaker or any external sound system connected, you might have a faulty speaker.

You need professional help to diagnose the problem and sort out the sound issue safely.

MacBook audio problems often occurs after upgrading to the latest version of macOS. A rattling or crackling speaker makes it impossible to listen to anything on the speaker.

Causes of Audio problem

An audio problem may occur due to faulty third-party drivers, especially those installed with external audio systems using USB interfaces. Sometimes, an incompatible operating system also leads to the failure of the speaker.

The improper audio setting, particularly a fault in the output setting also causes Macbook audio problems. There are two types of issues that can cause an audio problem.

Hardware issue

A partial tear in the speaker’s diaphragm or any damaged component inside the speaker can cause rattling, crackling, or popping the speaker.

Symptoms of hardware-related problems

  1. There’s always a rattling whenever the speaker is activated.
  2. Rattling gets worse when you raise the volume.
  3. The sound becomes more unclear on increasing the volume.
  4. You often hear popping sounds from the speaker even when the speaker is not activated.

Software issues

macOS system-related bugs, audio driver errors, or other app-specific bugs can cause Macbook audio problems.

Symptoms of software-related problems

  1. Crackling often comes when the speaker is activated.
  2. You see a crackling sound even when the headphone is connected.
  3. It gets worse when you raise the volume.

How to solve the software issues?

If your Macbook audio problems occurs due to a software problem, here are a few tips that you can follow to overcome the issue

  1. Reset the core audio and restart the PC
  2. Try reseting the PRAM and SMC.
  3. Or Restart the sound controller.
  4. Check if there’s any fault in the hardware.
  5. Note if there’s any symptom that indicates the software error.

Tips Against Macbook Audio problems

If your Macbook audio is not working and you are unable to solve it by simple means. Just bring your device right to us. Laptop genius is an expert in all kinds of macbook repair.

Our highly qualified and expert technicians are aware of all kinds of Macbook audio problems, and they can sort out the issue within no time. Here are a few tips to follow when your Macbook audio has failed.

Don’t Haste:

If there’s some hardware issue, do not try to handle it on your own unless you are an expert. Careless handling can lead to further hardware damage and failures.

You need to handle the device delicately. The best choice is to bring your device to an authorized macbook repair shop to sort out your Macbook audio problems.

Try the convenient solution first:

If there’s an audio problem, you might be able to handle it with a minor change in settings. You may not need to visit a macbook repair shop. But be aware that try to implement the simple solution first.

Do not go for complex solutions if you are not an expert in the field. Anything that requires you to open the Macbook, do not go for it if you are not aware of all the components.

What do we do in laptop genius?

Here is the complete detail of our macbook repair process.

Free diagnosis and consultancy

When you bring your device to us, our technicians will make a complete diagnosis to find out the fault. If it is some software issue, you can get it done within no time. If any hardware component is damaged, which is creating an audio problem.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest machinery to find out the fault even at the component level. They’ll provide a free consultancy and price quote for the repair.


Our highly qualified technicians will carefully repair your device and replace any component as required. We offer the same-day repair service for all of your Macbook audio problems.

In case if you are stuck in your home or office, we offer a remote repair service. If your device needs repair, just give us a call. Our technician will catch you at your desired location, and repair your device on your doorstep.

Functionality Test

After repair, our team performs several functionality tests to check the performance of your device. After sorting out your Macbook audio problems, our technicians run different apps to check the quality of sound.

We make sure that your device is working efficiently. With our macbook repair service, you’ll get your device working as never before.


Laptop genius provides the most competitive and cost-effective solution. We are sure that you’ll get the best repair service at the lowest rate.

We do not earn on the name of the brands, our rate depends upon the level of damage. We provide flat rates, and unlike other repair services, we do not hide any extra charges in the bill.

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