Macbook stuck on logo

Stuck on logo

MacBook stuck on logo screen is very common in MacBook users. Or whenever you enter the password, and you notice that the device is seemingly stuck on the loading screen. It often happens when you install a newly released macOS Mojave, it repeatedly switches back to the login screen.

Common reasons of MacBook stuck on logo

MacBook stuck on logo screen because of the following reasons

  1. The mouse sticks and you are unable to type the login password.
  2. MacBook freezes on the login screen.
  3. MacBook freezes after entering the password, or it moves back to the login screen again.
  4. You repeatedly typed the wrong password.

Usually, a reboot can fix if there’s some minor issue. If the issue is not resolved by rebooting, your device may need a complicated solution. You need professional help. There’s a high risk of data loss when the MacBooks are stuck on the logo screen, the professionals at Laptop genius can recover all your data before repair.

Tips to solve the MacBook login issue

Here are a few tips that may help to sort out the log-in issue.

Skip the log-in while starting

Normally, when you turn on the MacBook, you are asked to enter the password to enter the admin account before logging in. However, you can follow the steps below to skip to bypass the login process.

  1. Start the MacBook as usual.
  2. On the log-in page enter the admin ID and password but don’t click the login.
  3. Long press the shift key to stop the frozen apps from launching.
  4. Then click on the login button.

This way you can avoid your MacBook stuck on logo.

Tips to solve the Macbook login issue

Reboot your Mac in safe mode

Booting your Macbook on the safe mode will only launch necessary programs. For temporary benefit, it is efficient to block incompatible programs or software. It also helps to repair some errors when the login window is not responding.

Here is the step by step procedure to reboot your Mac in safe mode

  1. Long press the shift key while pressing the power button to restart your PC.
  2. Leave the shift button when your Macbook is restarting.
  3. Uncheck the log-in items when your Macbook safely enters the safe mode.

Reinstalling the MacOS on your device

Another way to get rid of the Macbook stuck on logo is to reinstall the macOS on your MacBook. Here is the procedure.

  1. Hold on Command+R key while rebooting your Macbook.
  2. From the utility menu, choose to reinstall the Mac OS.
  3. At the end tap on the continue button

With these methods, you can find the root cause of the Macbook stuck on logo and solve it by yourself.

Unable to slove Macbook stuck on logo issue?

If the tips above can help you get out of the problem, you need professional help from an authorized Macbook repair service. Just bring your device right to us. Our highly qualified engineers are all set to help you on the spot. They are familiar will all kinds of Macbook stuck on logo issues.

When you bring your device to us, our technicians make a quick diagnosis with our latest techniques and tools. We’ll quickly analyze the fault and give you a free consultancy for the Macbook repair. We can handle the hardware and software issues of all MacBook models.

Unable to slove Macbook stuck on logo issue?

What do we do in laptop genius?

Here is the complete detail of our MacBook repair process when your Macbook is stuck on logo.

Free diagnosis and consultancy

When you bring your device to us, our technicians will make a complete diagnosis to find out the fault. If it is some software issue, you can get it done within no time. If any hardware component is damaged, which is creating an audio problem. Our technicians are equipped with the latest machinery to find out the fault even at the component level. They’ll provide a free consultancy and price quote for the repair.


Our highly qualified technicians will carefully repair your device and replace any component if it’s the cause of your Macbook stuck on logo. We offer the same-day repair service for all of your Macbook OS problems. In case if you are stuck in your home or office, we offer a remote repair service. If your device needs repair, just give us a call. Our technician will catch you at your desired location, and repair your device on your doorstep.

Functionality Test

After repair, our team performs several functionality tests to check the performance of your device. After sorting out your Macbook stuck on logo problems, our technicians run different apps to check the quality of your device. We make sure that your device is working efficiently. With our MacBook repair service, you’ll get your device working as never before.


Laptop genius provides the most competitive and cost-effective solution. We are sure that you’ll get the best Macbook repair service at the lowest rate. We do not earn on the name of the brands, our rate depends upon the level of damage. We provide flat rates, and unlike other repair services, we do not hide any extra charges in the bill.

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