Macbook Cracked screen

Macbook Cracked screen

Your Macbook often gets broken or cracked accidentally, and no more showing pixels accurately. Laptop genius provides the best laptop repair service for Macbook cracked screens. Our highly qualified technicians offer the best screen replacement service for all Macbook models.

When you bring your faulted Macbook to us, our technicians thoroughly diagnose it with the latest machinery and tools. Many MacBook models offer a variety of screen replacements, we work hard to find the best compatible replacement for your device.

Our Macbook cracked screen replacement process

When you bring your damaged Macbook to us, we perform a step-by-step procedure for its screen replacement. Here is the detail of our Macbook repair process;

Diagnosis and consultancy

First of all, our technicians perform a complete diagnosis to find out the root cause of the damage. They look for the appropriate Macbook repair needed to get your device running back again.

After diagnosis, our technician will contact you to inform you about the level of damage. They’ll explain to you about the repair needs and the cost for repair.

You can bring your device to any of the laptop genius locations all across London. We offer a free diagnosis and consultancy before repairing your Macbook cracked screen.

Our Macbook cracked screen replacement process

Removal of the damaged screen

After your approval, our technicians will disassemble the case to remove the broken screen and hinges. They’ll save the screws and other useful things for later use in screen assembly.

Screen power cables and ribbon cables are inspected carefully for wear and tear. Hinges are inspected and cleaned thoroughly for later use. Case edges are inspected, and the back case is cleaned from dust.

 Compatibility check

Our technicians check the compatibility of all replacement components before your Macbook cracked screen replacement. We have a variety of replacement screens in stock for all Macbook models.

If we are lacking any replacement screen, we order it for you.

We are in touch with most of the Macbook manufacturers and authorized third-party providers. We ensure the quality of replacement components.

Installing the new Screen

After confirming the compatibility of the new screen with your Macbook, our technicians carefully install the new screen. All ribbon cables are carefully attached to their connectors.

Original screws are used again for screen replacement and tighten to factory specification.

Functionality test

After we are done with the Macbook cracked screen replacement, our technicians perform screen tests. A variety of functional tests are taken to ensure that all the components are performing well.

Our team of experts checks the screen brightness and color rendition. Our Macbook repair service is the most reliable and cost-effective repair service all across London.

Pick Up your device

After screen replacement, our technician will inform you that your device is ready to be picked up.

If you are stuck in your home or office, we can manage to deliver your device to your location. Customer convenience is our first priority.

Our specialties in laptop genius

Our specialties in laptop genius

Unlike other Macbook repair companies, we provide flat rates and are covered with a sufficient warranty. We do not hide the extra cost in your bills. We are the best know for our quick service and affordable prices in London.

We always try to be in touch with you. Here are some of the key features of our Macbook cracked screen replacement service.

Quick and Effective

We understand that how disastrous it can be to have your Macbook broken. Do not panic about losing data, missing a project, or not having any enjoyment on a rainy day. With laptop genius, you’ll get your Macbook repair within no time.

We have a highly experienced team of engineers who are always ready to facilitate you quickly. In most cases, we offer a same-day screen replacement service to our customers.


We offer a Macbook cracked screen replacement service that you can trust. We do not grab you in fine print to pore over. No clause or condition to read. Just bring your device, and get a screen replacement with a smile.

We can fix it All

From a cracked screen to liquid spill water damage, we can fix it all. Our technicians have the expertise and are equipped with all spare parts.

Often the repair is simple as swapping out the screen with a new one. And sometimes, our technicians have to delve deep to find out the cause. No matter what, we can fix it all.

Cost-effective Solution

If you’re facing any issue with your Macbook screen do not worry. With the cost-effective Macbook cracked screen repair service of laptop genius, you do not need to spend thousands for repair.

We do not earn in the name of brands, We only charge for our repair cost. Even if your Macbook needs a screen replacement, we can do that too at a very economical price. We can order the replacement from the manufacturers and get your device running again within one or two working days.

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