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The trackpad is a very vital part of your Macbook. It allows you to interact with the graphical user interface where keyboard short keys no more help.

Macbook trackpad problems are very complicated as they are built into the body of the laptop. Macbook trackpad replacement is almost impossible at home. All the internal components, including the system board, are detached for replacement.

If your Macbooks trackpad is not working, or you have accidentally broken the trackpad, just bring your device to us. We have the trackpad replacement for all Macbook models.

Reasons for Macbook trackpad problems

There can be different reasons when your Macbook trackpad is not working efficiently, or it stops working. Sometimes it stops working due to some error in the software.

Or there might be some hardware damage that needs professional help. Here are some of the reasons why the trackpad stops working.

MacOS error

When the trackpad fails, the first thing to check is whether the operating system is responding. Sometimes when the computer is frozen, it does not respond to any command.

In that case, the trackpad also stops responding. You can sort out this issue in windows trackpad settings.

Corrupt MacOS file

If the operating system files have got corrupted, the trackpad stops working. While you’ll notice some other system and hardware issues along with the malfunctioned trackpad.

To sort out this issue, you may need to perform an operating system repair installation. This installation requires you to access the restore partition on hardware. Otherwise, you can solve it by using an operating system install disc.

Faulty Hardware

After sorting out the operating system issues, if the Macbook trackpad is still not responding, it means that you have faulty hardware. In case of defective hardware, you should take professional help. Your device may need the trackpad replacement. Laptop genius offers the best Macbook repair service all across London.

Tips to follow in case of failed Macbook trackpad

If your Macbook trackpad has stopped working. Here are some simple solutions that you can follow to get your device running again.

Disconnect all the peripherals

Disconnecting all the peripherals is like rebooting your system. It’s the simple and the easiest element to rule out. A weird mouse or any peripheral can cause your Macbook trackpad to stuck.

So, it’s very simple to disconnect the external mouse is connected. Then reboot the computer and check whether the problem persists or not. If the trackpad issue persists, go for our next solution.

Check the software updates

The next step is as simple as the first one. Check for the software updates if any. Updating your software can sort out the issue within a minute.

Reset SMC

If there’s no software update, try to reset the system management controller. As SMC is responsible for many low-level functions on your Macbook.

SMC also causes the Macbook trackpad issues even without having a direct relation. Resting it can help to get rid of trackpad issues.

Delete the trackpad property list files

If any of the above suggestions couldn’t help, then you have to delete the Macbook trackpad property list files. This will help reboot the trackpad and get back to normal again.

If your trackpad is broken or accidentally damaged, the only way to get your device running back is to replace the trackpad.

Our trackpad replacement process

Here is the complete detail of our Macbook repair process when you bring your device to Laptop genius.

Diagnosis and consultancy:

When you bring your device to us we make a thorough diagnostic to find out the cause of the error. Our technicians are equipped with the latest machinery and tools to diagnose your device even at the component level.

After finding out the fault, our technicians provide a free consultancy to repair your device. Our professional will provide you the level of damage and a price quote for repairing your device.

Detaching the Macbook trackpad

After your approval, our professionals start the laptop repair. If your device needs the Macbook trackpad replacement, the old touchpad board is removed first. The System board and all the necessary components are removed carefully.

Detachment starts with the removal of battery, optical drive, rear corner covers, base enclosure, wireless module, fan, and system board.

After that, all the screws that secure the trackpad brackets are carefully removed. In the end, the trackpad is taken off of the alignment pins.

Trackpad replacement

After carefully detaching the damaged trackpad, our technicians carefully save all the screws for later use.

The retention tab is installed on the trackpad board under the keyboard brackets. The technician places the screws to secure the trackpad board to the top cover.

After careful trackpad replacement, technicians install all other components.

Functionality Checks

After installing all other components, our technicians run the device to check if all the components are working appropriately.

There is a series of functionality checks that our team performs on your device. Our team makes sure that your device is working efficiently.

With our Macbook repair service, you’ll get your device working as new.

Warranty Claim

We take care of our customers with our team of highly devoted professionals. They are passionate to walk the extra mile to provide you the peace of mind. We all of our laptop repair services, we provide a limited time warranty.

If you are facing any issue, even after Macbook trackpad replacement just brings your device to us. We offer free repair within the warranty time.

Bring it, and get it done

We have the trackpad replacement for all Macbook models, to provide the quickest replacement service. In case if we do not have a compatible replacement for your device, we can order it from the manufacturer.

If you want a cost-effective solution, we can order the replacement from an authorized third-party manufacturer. We provide the cheapest, quickest, and most effective Macbook repair services all across London.


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