USB not working

Sometimes peculiar issues pop up in your device like the Macbook USB port not working. There can be different reasons that the USB ceases to function. Sometimes the dust stores in the port caused a blockage and the USB stops functioning.

This issue can be resolved by using compressed air to clean the port. Sometimes, the USB device itself is faulty and there’s nothing to do with the Macbook.

The more basic solution when your find your Macbook USB port not working is to restart the laptop. The other solution is to restart the USB device.

Faulty Port

If the basic solutions failed to fix Macbook USB not working issue, you may have a faulty USB port. Try to plug the same USB device into another Macbook device, if the device is functioning that means it’s surely a fault in your Macbook port.

Port problem is a common issue faced by many MacBook users. Port damage often occurs when the laptop falls from a height or you accidentally step onto the port.

Laptop genius provides the best Macbook repair service all across London. Our technician will pick your device from your doorstep and return it to you after repair.

We provide the fastest repair, so you do not need to stay longer without your device. We wait for you to check your device, your satisfaction is our priority.

Faulty Port

Our USB port Repair service

If your Macbook USB not working, just bring your device right to us. Our port repair service includes a free diagnosis and a sufficient warranty. We have highly trained staff that can repair your all Macbook issues within no time.

They try their best to utilize the latest techniques and tools to repair your device. If the port can not be fixed by repair, we have to replace it with a new compatible port.

Laptop genius stocks the original replacement components for all Macbook models. Even if we lack the required component, we can order it from the manufacturer or authorized third-party providers.

Our carry-in or ship-in service is designed to minimize your downtime, provide you with a reasonable repair cost, and keep you updated about our repair process.

laptop genius services for macbook USB

USB Port replacement

If your USB port has got severe damages and Macbook USB not working, it cannot be repaired by simple means, we can show you upgrade options.

We can help you determine which option is the best for your device. We understand how much you depend upon your device so, we work hard to turn around your USB port repair as quickly as possible.

We have the highest quality replacement parts in stock to provide you the best repair and replacement service if your Macbook USB not working.

There is a variety of laptop models, so if you are ordering for our remote repair service, make sure to provide the correct information of your model for repair. We are happy to walk the extra mile to provide our customers the peace of mind with our MacBook USB not working repair services.

Doorstep Repair:

If you are busy or stuck in your home and office. You do not need to visit a Macbook repair shop to get your device repaired. Laptop genius efficiently provides the doorstep port repair service.

Our highly trained professional will visit you with all the required tools. And you can get an efficient, effective, and cost-effective port repair service within no time. Our experts are familiar with all kinds of port damages so they can quickly diagnose the fault.

We understand that how frustrating it is to have a faulty Macbook and to wait for its repair. Our team is passionate to provide you the peace of mind. They can even walk extra miles to give you the same-day repair service and get your device running again.

We provide 24/7 port repair services, and even during the weekends if you urgently need your Macbook USB not working device running again.


Our Macbook repair cost is less than any of other competitors in London. As we keep an eye on prices and we keep everything in stock. We do not earn on the name of the brand. You only have to pay for the replacement component if any and the repair cost.

So you get your device repaired quickly at low cost, with low environmental impact, and in low downtime. The satisfaction and comfort of our customers are our priority. We have the most cost-effective pricing for your Macbook USB not working repair.

laptop genius services for macbook USB

Why laptop genius?

Laptop genius is the best leading company that has been providing successful Macbook USB not working repair services over years.

We know how important it is to provide USB port repair or replace it with a new and genuine part. Sometimes, issues are as small as a clog of dust that we remove with compressed air.

And sometimes there’re certain damages at the component level that can not be simply repaired, and we need to replace the USB port.

Our expert technicians are familiar with all Macbook models and constructions, they can do the USB port repair and replacement within minutes.

If you want your laptop in good health again, Laptop genius is the best choice for you. Here are some key features of our Macbook repair service.

why my macbook usb not working

  • We provide high-quality USB repair services. We take responsibility for your laptop and provide you the peace of mind without services.
  • We have a team of highly qualified engineers. They are aimed to provide you the quickest and most effective repair services. They are aware of all Macbook USB not working issues and they can fix all.
  • We provide the services at the doorstep. We also offer remote services to distant customers to save your time and effort.
  • We have competitive prices and provide affordable rates for all of our services.
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